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Conducting an effective job search is a very important part of securing a job! With so many options out there for employment, it is important to understand which tools are most effective, how to narrow down search results, and additional strategies to stand out! This page will walk you through the most preferred job search tools of UW–Madison students and how to effectively conduct a job or internship search.

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Job Search Tools

Accessed through your MyUW portal, Handshake is UW–Madison’s official job search tool. At any given time, there are nearly 10,000 opportunities posted, if not more! All of these jobs and internships posted on Handshake have been specifically posted by companies who are actively trying to recruit UW–Madison students and alumni. Currently, most of these positions tend to be entry level, so connect with your AC Advisor if you are looking for mid-senior level roles.

Additional great features of Handshake

  • Events Tab: Here you will find many great events being hosted by companies wishing to recruit UW-Madison students. While some events are on-campus, many are offered to students virtually.
  • Company Contact Information: Keep your eye out on company pages or job postings for recruiter names and/or email addresses. Having this information will allow you to reach out directly to the recruiter to express your interest after applying! Find them on LinkedIn or send them an email if possible.

File:LinkedIn logo initials.png - WikipediaIn addition to being a great tool for building your network, LinkedIn has a great job search tool. One of the advantages to LinkedIn’s job search tool over other public sites is that it features a variety of filters, which makes it easier to narrow down your search and find the roles that most closely align with your interests.

Indeed Logo | The most famous brands and company logos in the worldIndeed is a job search engine that pulls in nearly all job postings publicly available online. Searchable by keyword and city, Indeed works for nearly all industries and locations. One downfall of Indeed is that you need to know keywords to search in order to effectively use this. As you plan ahead, keep track of job titles, skills, tasks, and more that you would like your next role to involve. These are all great keywords to use when utilizing Indeed.

Some other sites that may be of interest to you include:

  • Local Job Network – specific job search websites for nearly every local region in the US

  • USA Jobs – Federal Government Job Search Website

  • Idealist – Job search tool dedicated to social change

  • Aside from Handshake, your best bet is to always apply directly ON a company’s website. This is the most direct method to guarantee they will see your application materials as soon as possible. Handshake is the only exception to this rule as it is a unique job board for employers actively seeking to hire UW-Madison students and alumni.
  • When narrowing your search with filters and keywords, do NOT simply filter by your major. Many students miss job opportunities they are qualified for because they limit their job search to only postings that are specifically looking for someone with their degree. Most employers are flexible on the exact major and will consider someone who has a UW-Madison degree and other marketable experiences regardless.


Often overlooked in the job search process, networking is the process of making connections with other people to share information. You are fortunate to be joining the UW–Madison network which includes hundreds of thousands of alumni.  The best part is… Badgers love helping Badgers! Every day, UW–Madison students are making connections with alumni – sharing information and building relationships – often leading to job and internship opportunities.

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